Olympus Viewer vs. Lightroom vs. Aperture

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Olympus Viewer vs. Lightroom vs. Aperture

So I decided to take four extremely messed up pictures I have, taken in very tough shooting conditions, and run it through the three major converters, and also to check out how the white balancing works in Olympus Viewer 3, Lightroom 5, and Aperture 3.

First things first, let's get this out of the way. By far, Aperture is my favorite program to use. Olympus Viewer provides a terrible user experience. Lightroom is powerful but not the most intuitive thing in the world. So we got that out of the way.

Example 1 of 4 (Harsh Red Light):

The stage was dim and lit only by harsh red spot lights. I arrived at the middle of the set and had no time to get my gray card out. I don't have the SOOC JPEG since one look at the screen showed that JPG + RAW would be useless, so I took everything in RAW. However, clicking Export from Olympus Viewer 3 provides what would have been the SOOC JPEG, so let's start with that.

Olympus Viewer 3 - Auto-White Balance, Natural

Thankfully, with musicians, there is almost always some white available. Using the banjolele and a dropper, I was able to get a usable picture (no other processing):

Olympus Viewer 3 -  WB to the banjolele

Now, this is something I can start with! Even with only red lighting, there is surprising amount of color information to pull from this file. Now, off to Lightroom 5:

Lightroom 5 - Default Export

Honestly, this looks terrible but still looks a lot better than the Olympus default, don't you think? I used the dropper again:

Lightroom 5 - WB to banjolele

Hmm, it seems like this is destined for B+W processing and that only. It didn't recover as much color as the OV3 white balanced file did. Now, how does Aperture do?

Aperture 3 - Default Export

Yuck. At least it doesn't have those white splashes that the OV3 default had, but this is in no way usable. How about if we white balance it?

Aperture 3 - WB to the banjolele

Great. Now that's almost worse.

I think after round 1, we've got to say that with auto white balance, Lightroom > Aperture > Olympus Viewer. However, after white balancing w/ a dropper, OV3 > Lightroom > Aperture.

I'll post the other three examples as replies to this thread.

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