On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Re: On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

K E Hoffman wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

cosmonaut wrote:

I doubt Sony will release any feature on a flagship camera that doesn't work well. By the time it reaches the level of the Pro body all the issues will be worked out.

"Work well" does not mean there won't be compromises. The a33/37/55/57/58/65/77 do not work as well as the a580 for high ISO.

So has shown a perfect willingness to step back in some areas, while moving forward in others.

Depends what you mean by does not work as well at.....

"not work as well" -- meaning, by any objective measure, there are some features that are worse than on the prior model.  In this case, high ISO did not work as well as on prior models.

I have lost more shots not because when I looked at them 1:1 they had some extra noise to process out.. but because focus was not nailed. Canon and Nikon are still not quiet getting to the tested AF speeds in low light of the a77.

IF noise is your obsession. then yes compromises were made.

While I am all for less noise..

I have shot pushed Extachrome at 1600.. we have come a long way..

Good focus in High ISO lighting is much more important.

For you, focus is more important than high ISO.  In all likelihood, the next A-mount camera will take a step forward in high ISO, but quite possibly will take a step back in AF, as there are still no OSPDAF cameras that quite match true PDAF in low light.

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