A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

S3ZAi wrote:

Meh, it's just a sketch. The upper line is just one straight line and the vf hump seems to be drawn afterwards on top of it. Probably it was easier for the "sketch-artist" to first make a rectangle and then add the other stuff to it. I'm sure the real thing will look very slick, I've seen many cameras with a vf on top and they looked very cool and retro actually.

People probably want something like this:

Who would want a tiny vf like that? I have one of these cameras, it's called a balda baldinette and I can barely look through the vf, I would need a magnifying glass to do so, lol.

I don't understand how people can get this excited over a mere sketch. Just wait another 6 days and you will not only see the real thing, but also see the specs and perhaps even some test-shots. In the meantime go shoot some things with the gear you already own.

Agree ..its just a sketch. Just wasting my time writing comments .. like you

With respect to design: i do like the NEX-7 because it is NOT retro but very elegant. Although i believe the Olympus OMD is a great camera i am not thrilled about the design, nor i like Fuji just because they make their cameras look like Leicas.

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