A7/A7r sketch on SAR

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Re: A7/A7r sketch on SAR

parallaxproblem wrote:

This isn't the 'high-end' mirrorless design. The '7' in the product name and the sub-$2000 price (for the A7) demonstrate that

There will doubtless be a totally unaffordable ($3000?) A9 released at some point in the future for the seriously wealthy. Perhaps that one will be a bit prettier?

Yup. Same design brief as the A3000... make it cheap, give it lots of features and make it look like a DSLR, because the punters we want to bring-in won't buy it if it doesn't

I don't think Sony care much what you (or I) think. They are off chasing new customers as the ones they currently have clearly aren't good enough for them

Maybe after the Oly buyout the idea is that the people who like rangefinder bodies and small lenses should all dump E-mount and buy Oly Pen cameras instead?!?!? (though I'd rather go for Fuji)

This is the NEX-7 replacement

If you are lucky you may get an A5000 at some point next year with an APS-C sensor, a respectable EVF and LCD and maybe a few nice gimmicks all sitting in another DSLR-style body

I don't understand how you are ever able to buy anything at all. Heck, I'm surprised you even survive on this world with that much negativity in your view on something this straightforward.

Wake up. Sony doesn't need to be an angel, it's  just after making money, like any other company. It doesn't make them the bad guys. They have great customer service etc. They are not less or more evil than other brands. From the first nex models through nex5n, nex7 and nex6, they have given us marvels of technology no other product can even today compare to. Even the lower end models have great sensors etc, just lack some extra feautures.

In short: things aren't as black and white as you are trying to make out (are you being payed for that by the way? This is a serious question, when I look at your history I can see only extremely negative comments. IF you are being payed, they should pay you a large sum of money as you are doing a very very good job).

If you really want to undergo a nightmare, I suggest you check out the horror stories on the nikon d600 and how nikon without acknowledging any of the problems have brought out  a new model, the d610. Nikon doesn't seem to care about the people who bought the d600 either. Indeed, they are chasing new customers.

If you want more nightmares, look at your idealised fuji mirrorless models, the af speed is like a turtle compared to the nex models. Or the Nikon 1 series, which have fast af, but have a tiny sensor.

Even you can't change the fact though that sony will in a week time revolutionize the photography world. Again. Enough said. (And if you look back at my history, you will easily see that I'm not a fanboy, as I have been very critical of sony in the past. Being real, that's the big challenge in my humble view.)

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