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Thom Hogan Ranks Fuji 1st for IQ

I know, I know. Hogan probably gets more than his fair share of coverage here. That said, I think he takes a more thoughtful approach than some of the true dorks like KR and SH.

With that out of the way, I found his updated rankings of mirrorless camera to be rather interesting. Remember: this does not include DSLRs.

If I had to rank the offerings in terms of true consumer choice (widest range of offerings):

1. m4/3 (Olympus and Panasonic considered together)

2. Fujifilm and Sony

3. Nikon and Samsung

4. Everyone else

In terms of pure image quality (both JPEG and raw re-worked with care):

1. Fujifilm

2. Canon, Olympus, Samsung, Sony

3. Panasonic (though I'm still evaluating the GH3 and GX7)

4. Nikon

5. Pentax

In terms of focus performance:

1. Nikon

2. Olympus E-M1 (still evaluating)

3. tight grouping of Olympus, Panasonic, most of the Sony NEX models, and the Samsung NX300

4. Canon, Fujifilm (but improving with each firmware release), Pentax

I've used m43, Fuji, and Pentax Q, and at least with respect to those three, these rankings seem right to me. The whole article is worth a read. It's pretty fair-minded.

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