On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Re: On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

havoc315 wrote:

So I really am forced to wonder..... it is all speculation for now.. but if Sony does indeed start building mirrorless A-mounts.... Then will future A-mounts be a backwards step in autofocus, just like the dSLT was a backward step in high-ISO performance.

Would slower but more accurate be a step backwards?

I'm no expert, but from the little bits I've read I think that's a realistic expectation. But how much slower and in what conditions remains to be seen.

And, in regards to the differences between E mount and A mount, playing with my new Nex6 I noticed the aperture stops down when focusing. In A mode, adjusting the aperture I see it open and close looking down into the lens. A mounts always focus wide open and automatically stops down to open the shutter.

I don't quite understand why the E mount would be designed this way, there is likely some advantage to shooting video this way. The A mount would get more light, but have a shallower DOF, but with more light is likely faster even if all other things were equal.

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