On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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Re: On-sensor PDAF, will it be as good as mirrored cameras?

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BTW, would anyone like to speculate on the unique benefits of a mirrorless A-mount (not E-mount) design?

Not sure what unique benefits a mirrorless A-mount could have that wouldn't be equally possible in an E-mount design. The cameras could essentially be identical, except for a different physical mount.

1- Why are we seeing a flurry of f/4 zoom lenses for E-mount, as opposed to f/2.8?

2- Why are we seeing "acceptable" AF speed with E-mount, but the expectations are higher for A-mount?

3- Why did we see camera body size for SLTs grow from A55 to A77? And while at it, A3000 is closer to A55 in terms of size, but that already entails a lot of air-space. Imagine it growing further into A77 dimensions.

4-Compromises. E-mount isn't perfect solution to every problem. And neither is A-mount. But, they can complement each other very well, without the need to maintain substantial differences between them.

I do LOL at the 28-70 F4 "G lens"... but it is possible to make faster lenses, by just adding the space between the sensor and back of the lens.

Sure it is, but why hasn't that been the case?

IE Sony could easily release a Full frame 24-70 F2.8, by releasing the SAL-2470Z with an Emount adapter built onto it.

And, interestingly enough, relying on A-mount to do so.

The reason is simple -- the advantage of the e-mount to consumers, is the small size. 2.8 lenses by necessity, are quite large. So Sony is making a marketing decision to stick to f4, to keep the size down.

Technologically, there is nothing to stop the e-mount from using any type of lens. And as to the comment about af-- I expect that e-mount and a-mount will basically use the same af system. Because technologically, there is no reason for them to be different.

Technological possibility and reality don't always meet, and that is my point. Nobody has suggested that f/2.8 lenses are not possible for E-mount, but the fact is, Sony is clearly favoring f/4 to keep size and weight down, which bodes well with a key selling point of the E-mount. The opposite is true for A-mount (a reason SLTs grew in size substantially, from A33/A55 to A65/A77).

Another possibility..

This is how Sony will delineate the two markets.. NEX / E-mount F4 predominates     A-mount Advanced lenses below F4.. ?  Could this be a clear indication Sony is defining a long term special place for a-mount optics?  Don't know but makes sense. about the time users really start caring about f-stops vs. just shutter speed is the place you move them from e-mount to a-mount.

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