Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

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Re: Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

MayaTlab0 wrote:

dpyy wrote:

Am I missing something, looking at all the lens available for NEX FF it wouldn't even improve my low light performance from my NEX6/7? It's a FF but most of the lens available are F/4?

A bigger sensor potentially has three advantages : resolution, noise performance and DOF control.

The thing is, the latter two are dependent on the lens' aperture used in front of the sensor. Which means that there won't be much difference between a Sony FF + 35mm f2.8 and a Fuji X-E1 (or X-E2 ?) + 23mm f1.4 in terms of noise performance and DOF control. Only resolution remains as the advantage of the FF system (24 or 32 mp vs 16).

This isn't true for the entire upcoming lineup : the F4 zooms are equivalent to the ones you currently get on the NEX platform, and so is the 55mm f1.8.

I enjoy legacy glass here and there, but for my everyday shooting, I want AF. So I'll wait on the Sony FF cameras until the fast lenses are available (or at least just a fast 35). When I can shoot a Zeiss 24/1.8 on an NEX 5N, I see no reason to lose a little bit of light by stepping up to 35/2.8 on FF.

I understand the lens will be big that I want, but people who think that should discourage me don't realize that I don't mind . . . but what I can't do on my Canon 6D is attach a little 35/2.8 lens and go really, really small. And I would have that option on a FF NEX.

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