Is the K3 the only "Pentax" to set manufacturer as Ricoh in EXIF

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Re: Either that, or a guerilla move...

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Ricoh is the reason Pentax still exists. If they want to claim the EXIF data, more power to them.

Actually Ricoh is the reason that Pentax doesn't exist any more.

Pentax is just label put on the front of SLRs made by Ricoh. We can get over it or switch brands.

Wise words.. +1

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I'm really having a hard time figuring out the four year old mentality of some of the people here. Calling them bastards for changing a hexidecimal placeholder in the exif from something most people won't be bothered with deciphering to changing it to something else that most people won't be bothered with deciphering?


Some of you need to grow up a bit.

No one has called anyone bastards

Other than some guy named James O'Neill in the original post.

"James O'Neill wrote:

Bastards have taken that away I thought ...."

And if you take the trouble to read the rest of what I wrote I said why that thought was wrong ...

However if you want to know what lens you used to take the picture (not the focal length, the lens model), you'll use some utility that reads the maker notes. 3 of the four tools I have which worked with every Pentax DSLR since the *ist-D are broken by the changes (they're haven't made things better or worse just different). RAW processing tools which use the maker note info, may not be able to read it.

Up till now I've been able to seperate my DSLR picutres from my phone camera picutes in windows explorer by grouping by manufacturer. If I get a K3 I won't be able to do that either.

Oh, the humanity.

Hint, you can separate your pictures according to manufacturer when you download them by using good disk management practices, such as an easy to workflow filing system.

No, "disk management practices" i.e. the file system hierarchy doesn't cut it, has and hasn't for 10 years. If I want to find the picture of the shark I took in the bahamas in 2007, do I file it under sharks, or bahamas, or 2007 pictures (subdivided by month, as there are ~20,000) or do I just got to my search box and type in keywords. Similarly if I want to find the picute of a Lion fish I took when I first got my Ikelite housing I can type Lion fish, Pentax. (Ones before that I can find with Lion fish Canon). Tagging with place, person and keywords, using titles and searching by metadata is the only sensible way to manage tens of thousands of items.

I don't know what you use for software, but I've never had a problem pulling images up by camera,

Remember I don't want to seperate *istD from K10, from K7 from K5, but I do want to seperate them from Canon PowerShot and phone camera.

or by lens in Lightroom. I'm not expecting this to change simply because it now says Ricoh someplace in the maker notes rather than Pentax

Well I have news for you,

1. it doesn't say Ricoh in the maker notes. It says Ricoh in EXIF field 0x010f (Make) has "RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD." , but field 0x0110 (Camera Model Name) has "PENTAX K-3"

2. Sometime about the release of the K50 and K500 "AOC" was replaced as the signature at the start of the Maker note with "PENTAX " - with a trailing space. Any software which expects AOC and not "Pentax" will not read the maker notes form cameras starting with the K50. That means any software released before this year (and not updated) will be unable to read the lens ID.

3. With the K3 the byte ording in the maker notes has changed. IF the software writer was really smart and they will check what the byte ordering says and proceed accordingly. Most don't. The field 00 3F contained the lens ID. The ID is now 3F 00. If you used a 70 mm lens field id 00 14 used to contain 00 00 1b 58 - which translates as 7000 (ie. 70.00). Now the field id is 14 00, and it contains 58 1b 00 00. the chances are you'll need an update to lightroom to support this, and if you're still on lightroom V4.x you'll need to pay to get lightroom 5.x.

Well, I just downloaded a sample picture from the K3 and had no problem reading the lens ID, camera ID, etc. 
Frankly, I think you are whinging over nothing.

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