Getting NEX FF wouldn't improve my low light performance?

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Re: Legacy lenses and fast legacy lenses.....

rayman 2 wrote:

dpyy wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

A FF lens faster than F4 will be H U G E and V E R Y expensive....they may follow in due course...

No I understand there is a physical limitation but that's why I'm trying to figure out what exactly am I gaining from NEX to NEX FF?

Very simple ! Hords of people wanted that FF Nex from Sony for ONE major reason !

Thats legacy lenses !

If you are heavily invested into Leicaflex glass and you are now an orphaned user because that system has been taken from the market the FF Nex is the best way to keep your old legacy system


Same for Canon FD and Olympus OM and Minolta MD.. and Leica M and Contax SLR etc etc etc......

They all have boatloads of fast lenses in the program........

The FF nex is the solution !!! Itzs also the cheapest entry into FF and that format is what the legacy lenses were made for .....


This is very true but the original post was about the list of new Sony FF lenses. 

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