E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Re: A relevant question...

Michael J Davis wrote:

Anders W wrote:

As to shutter speed, neither I nor anyone else is saying that the problem is independent of shutter speed. On the contrary, it is well known by now that the problem peaks at about 1/125 s (give or take 1/3 EV) and gradually declines on either side of the peak.

Adding a grip is likely to reduce (but not eliminate) the impact of shutter shock due to adding weight at a suitable location (right below the shutter).

Just to clarify; my question/suggestion of using the E-M5 portrait grip was so that the mass (rather than 'weight' if you'll forgive my being pedantic!) remains constant, as that enables the camera to be held in two alternative configurations wrt the shutter press/shutter angle.

Yes, I realize that. And it's a good idea to use the grip if what we want to test whether it is button pushing or shutter actuation that gives rise to blur (by comparing the results from landscape and portrait orientation, using the button on the grip with portrait).

Testing with and without the grip, keeping the orientation constant at landscape, is also a good idea if you want to test for the impact of greater weight (at the right location, i.e., just below the shutter).

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