I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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And as I remember...

GWB didn't blow off the democrats either, like Obama has done with the repubs. There was some give and take in that rather lengthy debate, something that appears to be missing in this one.

If we narrow the House situation down to the tp'ers who have proven to be farily obstinate, we also have a president who is being equally obstinate.

Of the two, who is expected to take the lead and make things happen? Most likely, the president.

I won't excuse the tp'ers for the current situation, but I will say that Obama bears the greatest responsibility, because he has the greatest power. Refusing to talk to the opposing side is not a good negotiating tactic. Nor is 'my way or the highway'.

He didn't have to consider the other side it in 2009 when he had filibuster proof majorities in both houses, and, regrettably, he chose to exercise that prerogative.

He has to do it now.

Whether Obama is 'right' or not is irrelevant. Politics is all about keeping the greatest number of people reasonably satisfied. Obama has proven that he can refuse to talk to the opposition. The opposition has proven that they can, and will, stop essential legislation until he does.

And here we are.

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