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And that's way too easy

I see a lot of people here who want to dismiss the tp as the offspring of some evil group of rich schemers, just as the hardcore right wants to dismiss left wing organizations as the spawn of George Soros.

It is not. It is a grassroots movement that reflects the opinion of a lot of people, just as Occupy was a grassroots movement of the left wing, another offshoot of the 2007 real estate crash. The difference is, the tp got people elected to congress, while Occupy just made a mess in public parks. Deride them if you wish, but the tp was far more effective than Occupy in forcing change. I don't agree with the hardcore right baggage that comes with them, but I do acknowledge that they are effective in achieving their goals.

When you deal with a group whose opinions you don't agree with, the worst thing you can do is dismiss them as irrational. Understand where they are coming from, and you're one step closer to striking a mutually palatable agreement. Like it or not, the tp isn't going away. You will have to deal with them - Obama has pretty much proven that insulting them just makes them more persistent.

About the only thing they stand for that I agree with is bringing the budget deficit under control - it was tp members that spearheaded the 2011 budget, the one that Obama stayed out of until it was almost too late.

I also see the tp's hard line stance as a response to Obama's equally hard line stance. Neither will budge, so we have an impasse.

Obviously, if one agrees with Obama's direction, they believe the tp is wrong.

Being a pragmatist, I don't particularly agree with either. I do have great concern that this extremism is the very opposite of what the political process is all about - each side gives a bit and gets a bit, until both are at least mollified, if not satisfied.

Smoke filled back rooms are starting to look pretty good. At least agreements were hammered out in them.

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