No reaction to Pentax k-3 (7D mkII) release in this forum

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Re: No reaction to Pentax k-3 (7D mkII) release in this forum

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canon sensor are years behind...dxo marks stopped rank them cause they already know which position they have...100 110 120...even microthird sensor beat the crap out of a 7d sensor.

Several DxOMark scores are based on levels of noise in the RAW file. Sony sensors do noise reduction on the sensor. Canon stores the data needed to do that same type of noise reduction in the CR2 file, and does it in their RAW converter.

So DxOMark scores are testing apples (RAW files with noise reduction) and oranges (RAW files without noise reduction).

'Noise reduction' is correlated double sampling, Canon does correlated double sampling using analog circuitry before digitisation. 'Storing the data needed' would mean saving two samples per pixel in the raw file. This does not happen. The Canon 'oranges' are, in fact, apples.

How might Canon store that double sample? Perhaps as green data on the Red and Blue channel as shown below in charts you posted on another thread.

You were saying before that this is effect is down to it being stored as sYCC (total nonsense, by the way). Now you're saying that somehow storing two samples for each pixel, for correlated double sampling, would be done in such a way as to give a distorted measurement of the colour response, with 'free' data being stored as 'red' and 'blue'? Let's think about two things.

i) If as you suggest CDS data is being mixed up as colour data, third party and open source raw converters would not work, yet they do.

ii) Whatever, there would need to be two samples per pixel, and there isn't - the CR2 raw files reveal one sample per pixel, arranged in a RGBG Bayer patten just as you'd expect.

Nope, Canon 'oranges' are still oranges. But, we all here know Nikon is still the apple of your eye.

Your speculation gets more bizarre every time you try to explain away what you said previously. Better not to present weird speculation as fact in the first place.

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i already said this many time....and the same can be said for the other...but they have the head in the canon had in the last not a case that canon had much more than 50% of dslar now is no more than 34%...once in the sideline only white nikon has the same exposure and it's the leader in dslr..

the same was pentax in the 70 80...they were as big as canon, they had the first af system, probably nobody here knows, they slept ten years and just disappeared.

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