I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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That's too easy

to attribute it to racism.

There may have been a tendancy to amplify Obama's errors due to his race on the part of a few narrow minded people, but the root reasons that people voted tp had nothing to do with him being black. It was Obama and the dems in general taking a rather high handed approach because they had a filibuster proof majority in both houses. And they appeared to be ignoring the immediate economic crisis and going off on another entitlement program that we just don't have the money for. That not only got the attention of the tp'ers, but the independents like myself who started thinking - this all dem solution may not be a good thing, maybe I should get to the polls during midterm elections. I didn't vote tp - I'm not that dumb - but in 2009, I was very concerned about what the 2008 election had created.

The dem leaders warned Obama not to push the ACA, that it would do exactly what it did do - disenfranchise a lot of voters, and create a hardcore opposition. They knew, unlike him, that 2008 was a knee jerk reaction to the real estate crash, not a mandate to change everyone's lives. He would not listen, and forged ahead, thus giving a lot of people the motivation to vote tp, and squandering a lot of political capital in the process.

That was Obama's big mistake - believing that once he had the job, he didn't have to listen to anyone but himself. And it shows in his administration... there have been several crises that he has remained detached and aloof about... the budget of 2011, the gulf oil spill, to mention a couple. He  appeared to be petulant and disinterested. Not a good symptom when you're expected to handle every crisis with equal vigor, whether that crisis interests you or not.

ACA affects every citizen in this country. It should have been crafted with the approval of both parties, and hence, the tacit approval of the electorate that put them there. It will remain a sore point and politically toxic until it is torn apart and redone with buy in from the bulk of the electorate. That shouldn't be hard to get - everyone wants a single payer system, and I don't believe anyone has a problem with subsidizing low income people.

And this time, try to address the ungodly costs.

The tp has done one thing right, they brought the budget and the deficit front and center in 2011. And that's where it needs to be. We simply have to get that under control. That means hard times for everyone, before it's too late.

The situation today is no different than it was in 1980 or 1996. Nothing really changes, nothing major, anyway. Let's look even further back...

Franklin Roosevelt had the same free hand and majorities in both houses in 1932, in the depths of the depression that was far worse than what we face today. He and the dems went hog wild with the programs. By 1936, the supreme court had struck down many of his programs as unconstitutional, and the voters had put republicans back into the house and senate, to reign him in.

Even back then, there was reason to be prejudiced against Roosevelt, he was confined to a wheelchair from polio. That wasn't a factor. His somewhat socialist policies were the factor in bringing opposition to the dems running everything, even though a big one, social security, survived. Of course, we're merrily borrowing every cent in SS to pay for the record deficits we're running...

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