X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

Started Oct 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

Would really like a split image focus option like my Nikon F2 has. Shooting with the X-E1 on manual is diffucult as focus is hard to see.

Also would like a dimmer option for the electonic eye level finder for night and dark area photography. I lose night vision when trying to compose in jazz clubs with the eye level finder. Even worse shooting in moonlight - takes a number of minutes to get the night vision back.

Maybe I'll have to go with the X-Pro2 for the optical finder to solve that one?

Quicker auto focus would be greatly appreciated as well so I could follow the grandchildren in High School volleyball and football. The ability to use longer lenses is nice but the camera doesn't do well with moving people. A 200mm lens is nice but tryign to follow a running kid or a bird flying doesn't work well. Why have the longer lens optiions when they are so limited due to slow focus?

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