30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

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Re: 30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

AlphaTikal wrote:

I think the 30mm Is the worst for macro beginners, depending on what is the subject. The only thing good for beginners is the price. If you do not much use this for macro, then it could be because its not that fun and easy for some subject. Nobody who makes macros will stick with it. That's why I call a 30mm is bad for macro beginners. I recommend at least 50mm, which I think is ideal For beginners. Some serious macro shooter will upgrade to 90mm or 150mm. But with these, especially over 120mm are big and heavy and have less DOF.
(All photos are creative common licensed. Check them out.)

Hi Alpha Tikal - you are possibly correct but your post would have carried more weight if you had offered some objective explanation for your very strongly held view. We don't know whether the OP wants to become a "serious macro shooter" so I still stand by what I've written as it clearly sets out the advantages & disadvantages of the lens.

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