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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

moimoi wrote:

Michel J wrote:

Well, with a 24 MP APS-Sensor, what do the job of the AA filter, if not the lens itself! Btw, I have SERIOUS doubt about the Pentax sensor resolution to achieving 3000 lp/mm! Ditto for the shaking amplitude...! is much more remarkable with such sensor, so... It's seems to be you never compare your FF handheld VS tripod? Wow!

Ask Sony, they have done this with the Rx1 and Rx1r, so nothing wrong about this.

No way ! We talk about DSLR-SLT. Again it's about the time you ready to spend in PP. Because we have enough resolution today to achieving posters to any size without the need to think about moiré nor the need of hypothetic AA filters (or not). So what? How many angels can dance on the head of a photocell, for you?

Whether you have serious doubt is one thing, but the truth is that there are no final reviews for this camera yet,

Just I told you? So what the need to use my arguments to serve your point of view since we know you have only assertions, but in fact, doesn't make sens for most of us in the real life,

. Look at the samples #3 and #4, the K3 associated with the 70 mm f/2.4 does very well when it comes to resolution and resolving fine details (as good as my a900 actually)

Link to full res. samples

Same like the A77 is much better than the D3x, here is pure paralogism.

Wow, no offense but begin to use a tripod first, before thinking about AA filter!

What does using a tripod has to do with the discussion? Off topic.

Hê héé, all, but maybe you don't want to understand what cause provide which effect and/or unable to based judgment according to the real proportionnalities of problems...!

What kind of problem can we afraid with such a resolution *_o Limitations of lenses? l0l

To be honest, the difference between a camera equipped with AA or without AA filters is noticeable. The extra sharpness you can get is never gonna be detrimental in the photos you take.

Never, yes, but it is really necessary? Here the real problem is about your workflow!

What's the need to have two slots, does it change IQ?.

It certainly does NOT hurt to get two slots. raw + jpg, raw + backup raw, raw + wifi (card), etc. Again, it does not hurt to have two slots.

Not hurt to have only one. No need to have two slots, shooting raw+jpeg btw! WiFi card is unusable for most applications (all?) since wifi is unable to provide what the user expect (a continuous and automatic streaming) So It's not a break point for the rest of us. Btw the A99 have two slot! But it able to write on both card at the same time (real time back up with slowing perfs for Pentax? so what the need to have a bigger buffer if your camera slow down?). What else pls?

Take also a look to the price of Pentax lenses...!

Off topic

For you maybe...

Wow, do you wants to PP 8 fps in raw? You have two life maybe, or someone do that for you?? Be carefull of your health, staying behind computer many hours/days/month and maybe years if you add TV sessions, have consequences...

Off topic and irrelevant in the discussion.

No more, it's a question of workflow and paradigm. It's not important to see real problems for you? You wants to continuously escape when you're short about arguments? How many time you spend making raw treatment PP, to try to equal in-camera jpeg? Moreover you want to do with a flow of 8 fps? How many shots you get in one session, thousands? Come on...!

I don't like this kind of thread, where the game seems to asking people,

Just a reminder, nobody forces you to take part of this thread.

Why you need to ask, if you have all the answers already?

but having already an intransigent opinion for real. Anyway, that dosen't wants to change the low rated IQ of Pentax.

I think your last statement shows more about your ignorance about what Pentax can deliver (and I am not a Pentax fanboy).

Again, check sample #4 from

I know very well about Pentax, because it was the reason I switch to Sony DSLR-SLT. I already explained some reasons above!

So no need to check, because it have many reasons not to go Pentax, not only one.

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