Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: who's out of touch with reality?

tko wrote:

This is a standard rule that will be enforced in just about any mall or private space. It's their property. They don't want any commercial use, they don't want people blocking space with tripods and models and lighting for an excessive amount of time. They're in the business to get people to buy stuff, not provide backdrops for photographers for free.

Why was it a really bad experience? You know you need a permit to set up a tripod on NYC streets (or at least a few years ago.) Many parks and stuff. This shouldn't be a shock.

LeoGotCamera wrote:

Had really bad experience with trying to film a friend using my Canon 60D camera (with the lense without a red circle) at the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto. When I was trying to setup a tripod - got approached by the security guard. He told me that the use of professional camera equipment is not allowed inside the mall and in order to use it I need to get a permit from the mall office. Went to the office and was told that the permit cannot be issued on the spot - I need to fill some kind of form and it can take up to 2 weeks to get approval. WTF?

What is interesting - filming with smartphone is allowed as long as it is not attached to professional looking tripod. If I use small camera tripod - it is ok to film with smartphone.
So, my question - do you think it is fair? Is there much difference in Canon 60D quality vs iPhone 5s camera quality that makes my 60D camera banned from the usage in the mall? Or the mall guys are completely out of touch from reality?



I thought pretty much every serious photographer knew this. I mean it's photo shoot 101 stuff.  There are virtually no public accessible privet properties and/or business that will let you just show up out of the blue and create not only an inconvenience for their customers but a tripping hazard and all the legal liabilities that come with it by setting up a tripod.  You should always call a place you want to shoot in beforehand to find out the rules, especially if you are going to be using a tripod.

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