Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

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re: indeed, should the AF on A7 be excellent... AND...

sean lancaster wrote:

I read today that AF speed is better than the RX1, but not as good as some other mirrorless. I'll wait and see. Plus, I need a fast 35 (prefer f/1.4, but 2 if necessary) as this is the lens I use 97% of the time on my Canon 6D. So I'll likely wait a while, but I am intrigued.

...the UI (esp. the menu structure) and the controls significantly overhauled from the N7 menu disaster (despite using my N7 pretty intensely for two years now, I still do hate its menus the same as on day one), then YES;

but already we read on SAR that OSPDAF of A7 might not live up to a task of efficiently shooting/tracking fast action, sports or wildlife

the: "not as good as some other mirrorless" is hardly a good recommendation as even sould it be as good as other mirrorless, even the best ones are still not exactly champions of fast action AF performance - ALAS


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