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Re: updated lens roadmap...

The sharpness score is still about the same for both lenses. The prime should do better than this.

I've always found DXO's lens testing to have seriously flawed reasoning backed up by the fact that their results rarely agree with other more reputable testing websites.

So the 80-400mm F4.5-5.6 at 80mm F4.5 is as sharp as the 300mm F4.0...

So here is food for thought using DXO and your choice of comparison...

Look at the Nikon 500mm F4 G ED VR, it actually scores overall worse than the DA*300mm F4, its what 4 times the price? for an expensive high end prime it really should score higher you think? In fact in sharpness it scores the same as the 80-400mm, hmmm... bad testing and scoring methodology methinks! either that or all the 500mm F4 owners are seriously ripped off.

DXO has come up with a convoluted way of grading lenses that doesn't match anything in the history of testing lenses, and as a result doesn't match other websites evaluations of lenses at times.

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