Shutdown Fallout: Obama Approval Rating Slides to 37 Percent

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Re: Shutdown Fallout: Tea Party...

Don_D wrote:

Todd Ka wrote:

The American public is waking up to the truth of the vindictive man child he is, despite his media sycophants trying to cover him.

First he punished conservatives with the IRS, now he is punishing all of us.

The beltway crowed is terrified that the American public will look around and realize we don't need all this monstrous government after all, so they are trying to inflect as much pain as possible.

...and just who is leading this effort....the Tea Party and their well heeled backers.

The Tea Party has no say in how the government reduction is being managed.  The Democrats do.  Obama and his minions do.  They are trying to hurt the American people in order reinforce this notion that huge government is necessary, and the people ought to capitulate.

What they are doing is despicable.  That fact that you are sporting them is revealing.

I can safely say that what little respect I had for the left is totally gone now.  The ignorant lefties are easily forgiven, but the rest of you who know what is going on...

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