E-P5 and "shtter Shock"

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Equally, though, if the shake were due to shutter shock, it should be just as 'fixed' with 2 second anti-shock as it is with 1/8 second. In practice, 2 second anti-shock gives just as much shake as 2 second self-timer. That's difficult for me to fit with a shutter shock explanation.

At this point, while there are certainly other tests which could be done to try to pin things down, it starts to look like a lot of time spent for minimal benefit. What matters here are the two simple observations - the E-P5 seems unusually prone to producing blurred images, and the anti-shake setting looks like an option worth trying for users who notice this and consider it a problem.


Both self-timer and "anti-shock" lag could not help against shock occurring DURING exposure, when the first curtain comes to hard stop.

Anti-shock could counteract initial closing of the shutter, self-timer could help against hard pressing on the button.

If you did not see this example please take a look:


That's the easiest way to catch "shutter shock" and separate it from any other sources of blur - use moving targets like water droplets from a spray bottle.

Precisely. And this is of course why anti-shock is but a partial help, not a panacea.

You ignored my suggestion about employing a EFCS. Simple and effective.

Didn't ignore it. I have been arguing for a long time myself that this (or a global electronic shutter) is what we really need to get rid of the shutter-shock problem.

Nikon 1's solution to anti-shake may be even better...it seems SO effective. Can't speak on it as I just bought a new 1J1 model.

That's a rolling shutter like the one on recent Panasonic MFT cams. A good thing to have when it can be used without drawbacks. Regrettably, that's not always the case.

The Nikon 1's mechanical shutter is switchable ON/OFF but it's EFCS (electronic first curtain shutter) is always on.

OK. I didn't know that Nikon 1 had EFCS, only that at least some Canon and Sony cams have it. With regard to Nikon 1, I was only aware of the rolling, completely electronic shutter. Is EFCS available on all Nikon 1 bodies or only some?

Not a rolling shutter.

ARTICLE:LV mode and Low Vibration mode in DSLR cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony

" Nikon 1 V1 and V2 have both vertical-run focal plane mechanical shutter and electronic shutter. Nikon 1 J1 and J2 has no mechanical shutter."


But but ... that article says exactly what I initially claimed. That the Nikon 1's have a non-global (rolling) electronic shutter but lacks an EFCS (electronic first curtain shutter).

With my 1 J1, I can fire off up to 60 photo. frames per second. At 10 fps, I get contiuous auto-focus. In high speed video mode, I can play-back in slow motion.

That's all very nice but has little to do with what we are discussing in this thread.

Sadly m43 don't see fit to install EFCF, so they get Shutter Shock requiring the 1/8 sec. delay, etc.

I am sure it's just a matter of (hopefully short) time before MFT has it too. It's certainly something that comes very high on my wish list for future MFT bodies.

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