Bottom Falls Out Of SD1 Merrill Prices

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Re: Wrong Replacement

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

On the Canon rumors site there is a mention of sigma announcing a mirror less system. That makes a lot more sense than a new sensor. It would be a small step to replace the DPX with a mirror-less camera system.

The DP cameras are already mirrorless.

So why would a mirrorless camera "replace them"?

Instead it seems way more likely to me that a mirrorless system would potentially replace the system with... a mirror.

So basically an SD-1 with live view, and possibly not a mirror. But with the SA mount.

Sigma already has some good mirrorless lenses in the DPxM series.  They could do a proprietary mount for them, then sell an electronic SA mount adapter as well.

This way, they would be the first manufacturer to support leaf-shutter lenses as well as ordinary lenses.

On second thought, maybe not.  Changing lenses is a dirty dusty job, and so is a focal plane shutter.  The Merrill sensor sees all.  DPxM is a way to avoid hassles such as this because there is no dust possible anywhere near the sensor.

If I were in the field I would want a body for each lens.  Perhaps expanding DPxM ordering options further into the Sigma lens line would be the best way to go:  Order it with 85mm F1.4, or 18-250 zoom, and it arrives with this lens fixed in place with a leaf shutter: non-interchangeable and non dusty, fully calibrated to the lens.  Big strengths and addressing niche markets at the same time.

Oh yes, and with a DSLR-sized battery same as in SD1/SD15/SD14 (hide it in a grip-type bulge).

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