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it depends

elfroggio wrote:


I'm interested in one of them.

How is the AF? I'm not looking for sports but how about people walking in the street? Will it lock in decent to lower light? I'm not asking for miracles, I'm only looking for something reasonably fast and reasonable in lower light.

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Not a controlled experiment, just out of curiosity I put X-A1 and NEX5N both with kit lenses side by side and pushed a button. Tried that in various settings. In good light, Sony focused noticeably faster. In very poor light Fuji surprised me by being able to acquire focus more often than NEX. All in all, I would say focus speed is ok for quasi-static objects. For moving objects the AF is miserable, I was never able to take an in-focus picture of my running around puppy. There is another thing I don't like about Fuji AF: it isn't really bound by focus area, in more than a few cases I found camera backfocusing because of something on the background. I have never experienced that issue with Panasonic or Sony.

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