Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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sorry, but I don't agree with your logic. Property owner can impose any rules, but they need to make sense. We cannot just blindly accept whatever somebody with authority says to us.

Then you can spend your time somewhere else. If you don't like the rules, petition for the mall to change them.

For example, if the owner of the mall puts a sign that people of certain race are not allowed inside the property - would you say "Hey, this is private property and owner has a right to do whatever they want"? Actually, malls had such signs 100 years ago. On the other hand there should be rules that make sense like regarding appearance (you cannot walkin naked) or carrying a weapon.

The mall is private property, but by being "open to the public" they have to comply with local, state, and federal rules. If there was a federal law banning discrimination between certain types of cameras. Of course that law doesn't fit your criteria of "making sense" which is why it doesn't exist. You can't choose what race you are, but you can choose any type of camera you want or none at all.

In my opinion common sense does not work in this case - why DSLR is prohibited and smartphone is allowed? I seen plenty of people snapping their pictures and making videos with smartphones inside the mall and security was ok with them.

Security has discretion to apply the rule as they see fit, regardless of whether it "makes sense," because there are no laws dictating what rules they can or cannot make with respect to cameras. Technically you are right about this specific case, but the reason for the subjective nature for the rule is that they don't big cameras being a distraction to people in the mall or creating a scene and a crowd.

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