Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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sorry, but I don't agree with your logic. Property owner can impose any rules, but they need to make sense. We cannot just blindly accept whatever somebody with authority says to us.

For example, if the owner of the mall puts a sign that people of certain race are not allowed inside the property - would you say "Hey, this is private property and owner has a right to do whatever they want"? Actually, malls had such signs 100 years ago.

On the other hand there should be rules that make sense like regarding appearance (you cannot walkin naked) or carrying a weapon.
In my opinion common sense does not work in this case - why DSLR is prohibited and smartphone is allowed? I seen plenty of people snapping their pictures and making videos with smartphones inside the mall and security was ok with them.

I recently went to a large mall in Manchester UK to try out my new fish-eye lens. I do not usually shoot this type of photography, but it was a good place to test the lens out. reading all the threads about photographing children, I was apprehensive, as there were children there. The main attraction is a large indoor fountain, which shoots a jet of water about 80' in the air. I managed to get a dozen or so shots, being careful to avoid getting children in particular in the frame. Another dozen shots of a beautiful 1970's ish Mercedes, which was on exhibition in the mall, plus half a dozen shots of a rather grand large marble stairway. Not a soul said a thing. A few looked when I was photographing the fountain, but it seemed more out of interest than anything. I was using a 7D with the fish-eye, & didn't try to hide the fact I was taking pictures.

The "funny" thing about this, is that the same mall has had a rule about not allowing "hoodies" to wear their hoods up inside the premises, a rule that was enforced a year or two ago, when a famous football [soccer] star, who played for one of the big EPL clubs, was told to put the hood down or leave. No allowance was made because of who he was. He apparently complied with the rule.

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