How many still shoot film?

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Re: How many still shoot film?

AEPA wrote:

Roar Arne Velle wrote:

Dear sirs,

I still shoot film, sometimes. The DOF and rendering in portrait and the quality in outdoor landscape is the reason. I use 6x6, Bronica S2a, 75mm Nikon and 150mm Zenzanon. But it is somewhat expensive to get realy good scans to get the quality to print. My Epson V750 is good, but not good enough. I sometimes get professional scan, - Noritsu and then the quality is good. Black and white I do myself as done some 40 years, but my darkroom for printing is packed away. My ink-printing has not got the level I like. I have also Zeiss 6x9 and Rollei 6x6. My old Primaflex is worn out. My old FE2 and 801 is not much better than my LX5, IQ-wise. With film, - only MF

All my cameras late of 1950 still works. I don't think you can say that about digital. Some days I need a FX DSLR to replace my film MF. I think they are good enough now and you can mimic film.

I have a Kodak 1-A jr that I modified for 120 film and working on a project currently with it. I still have and shoot a Nikon F. I find its best to keep options around for if anything motivation. So your Primaflex maybe worn out but it definitely still has value.

Ive always wanted to get into wet-plate work but just never managed to pull it together.

My Primaflex was used by my father for children photographing from 1936 until he retired as master-ph. 1974. It has a wonderful 10,5 cm Meyer MacroPlasmat. I have used it some few times. But a lot of my later darkroom work was with 5x7 plates (European standard) with a 10,5 cm 1927 Tessar and Ikonta as enlarger (homemade-beautiful), making prints after my fathers work. For personal use most 6x6 with IFF Duogon and sometimes Leitz Focomat. Most of old work and equipment is donated to a high school and a public museum. Nothing is lost. I keep the Primaflex in memory of my fathers work. Working in darkroom is fun. I started training in the 1960ies. Maybe some day...?

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