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Re: You are confused, you mean the Tea Party

RBFresno wrote:

Got it!

Correct me if I'm not I understanding your your stance....

GW and the fellow Republicans are 100% responsible for the recession, and Obama 100% responsible for guiding us out of the recession.

While I don't think Obama has guided us out of anything just yet, it is indeed true that Bush inherited a relatively solid economy without wars, food prices stable, gasoline under $2.00 a gallon (and no history of massive spikes thanks to speculation either, that came after he blew the lid of regulation off during his reign).

He left the country in a massive upheaval economically that has sent ripples out and destabilized much of the world's nations in similar fashion. He left with greater disparity between rich and powerful vs. middle and lower class incomes than ever in recent history, massive cuts in rich taxation and lowest revenue coming in from biggest corporations. He oversaw the most outsourcing of jobs, and trillions lost to two utterly pointless and unnecessary wars.

Yes, I'd say GW and his GOP idiots are 100% responsible. Are you trying to say Obama is responsible for what Dubya did during his presidency?

Hmm. That's so peculiar that the majority in both the House and Senate won't sign the Bill you are referring to. Must be the Tea party holding everybody hostage.....

You're clearly confused as to what bill is being discussed.

The senate has voted against provisions in the billy ou mention multiple times and the president said he would veto it.

Wonder why that is?

He's talking about the 46 Obamacare repeal votes, Einstein.

Forty six times these fools have wasted time and money attempting what they knew was 1). absolutely not going to happen and 2). in opposition to the majority of Americans.

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