Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

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Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

spacemn wrote:

KBKB wrote:

I'll probably buy.

Since it doesn't have Tri-Navi, I want to find out what the controls are going to be instead.

Also, I'm hoping that there will be a way to do bracketed exposures with either a remote or a cable release. If this is not possible, I'll probably consider some other option altogether.

Isn't there an app for bracketed exposures for the NEX-5R, 5T and 6?

I personally like the tri-navi on my NEX-7, but I would prefer a dedicated program and exposure comp dial, along with wheels on the back and front - but yes, I would wait and see if the ergonomics suit me.

You would think so, right?  It's not like people have been asking for a bigger EV range and more steps...

No, it only has:

Focus Bracketing (This is useless.)

Aperture Bracketing

Flash Bracketing

Shutter Bracketing

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