Breaking News: White House and IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info!

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Re: In order to go to jail you have to break the law.

Chato wrote:

Todd Ka wrote:

We have known this for some time. The Obuma administration was obviously lying (what they do best) now there is proof. People need to go to jail over this.

According to this article this was an "exchange of private information."

I downloaded and read the E-mails. It consists entirely of a discussion of how to combat ALL claims of conscience by Corporations and the non religious business companies of Churches in their attempt to avoid paying for contraceptive devices. In order for them to "break the law" they would have to discuss the private data of these entities, and how they are doing this or that activity which can be used against them.

No such discussion came up. What was discussed was the general question and how to fight the general question in Court. Basically, all they talked about was public information.

So what is your proposed charge? The Obama Administration discussed public information?


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I guess you not aware about this IRS section....

"Section 6103 of the IRS code prohibits federal employees from “disclos[ing] any return or return information obtained by him in any manner in connection with his service as such an officer or an employee.”

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