Breaking News: White House and IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info!

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Were the e-mails the "smoking gun?"

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It's okay, as long as da gubermint takes care of our every need and soaks the evil rich for it, who cares!

Your link provides us with a link to the e-mails

E-Mail pdf

All of the discussions are generic discussions about the law under which Churches and other entitities use the law to avoid complying with things like Social Security.

Nothing, absolutely nothing about specific organizations and how "They" can be thwarted from using the exemptions. If you doubt me, read them yourself. They're from your link...

why do you think they covered many parts of the document?

Those were the mention of names of organizations, but they were in generic form. In other words, public information not "private" information.

Your link talks about how they violated the protections of the IRS privacy laws. The "proof" of the violations according to the entire article is in the E-mails. So being a good little boy, ready to condemn Obama, I read the e-mails - All of them. I didn't see any violations of the law.

I still have the PDF, so if YOU can find violations of the law, please let me know.

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