Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: who's out of touch with reality?

Andreas Stuebs wrote:

tko wrote:

Why was it a really bad experience? You know you need a permit to set up a tripod on NYC streets (or at least a few years ago.) Many parks and stuff. This shouldn't be a shock.

Last year I used a tripod in Central Park NYC - was I just blisfully ignorant?

I don't know the rules in NYC, but here in Florence, Italy, officially you need a permission to use cameras with big tripods in the city (also in open spaces, not only in museums and churches). And the rules are quite complicated, you have to write several days before, and give the detail of your timetable and intentions.

I suspect that many people don't know this, especially tourists, but the rules are there. Probably is the same in many touristic places around the world, and I suspect the majority of photographers ignore this.

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