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Re: B&H is more trustworthy

Eddaweaver wrote:

The American retailers' practice of allowing large numbers of people to "return" products without reason sounds crazy to people from other countries.

There is nothing crazy about it. Would you buy a car without test drive and inspection?

It's actually a very good practice when products that people aren't satisfied with are either returned to the manufacturer, or the vendor. In either case, if the percentage of returns starts hurting them the product is being pulled from the shelves. Thus the best survive and the worst languish -- market at work. What can be better?

Retailers in most other countries wouldn't get away with selling used as new either.

No retailers are allowed to sell used products as new, that would be classified as deceitful practices. Large vendors have explicit policies in place, though there is always a possibility of some rogue employees violating them. They can sell returned cameras as open box, used, etc. usually with a good discount.

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