What is the best solution to print your own postcards?

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Mike1985 New Member • Posts: 14
What is the best solution to print your own postcards?

Hey everybody

I want to be able to print my own postcards (standart format) with a printer...

In my ideal world, I would love to get

- postcard size blanks completely! blank so i can customize the back part with my own logo etc...

- printer which can use wifi and bluetooth (so an ipad/laptop can send to it)

- printer under 15pounds /7-8kg as i need to be able to travel with it to weddings

- printer where i can just put a stack on instead of feeding them one by one

I have been googleing for some hours now but havn't found the best solution yet...

some posts reccomended epson 1400 or canon pixma 4700 but read that e.g. the canon just drowns ink with their constant 'cleaning' cycles...

So I would be MORE than grateful if somebody could reccomend me some good printers and e.g. solutions where to get postcard blanks (as i could only find postcard printing services but no blanks to buy on google)

thanks a lot in advance!


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