I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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Re: You are confused, you mean the Tea Party

DT200 wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

DT200 wrote:

As usual you are confuse. For the record, Obama guided us out of the

worst recession in over 100 years


that was created by GW Bush and fellow Republicans.

Yes, and his 8 years of "leadership" that took us from a surplus to a massive deficit, got us in to 2 wars, and believed everything "curveball" told him.

Got it!

Correct me if I'm not I understanding your your stance....

GW and the fellow Republicans are 100% responsible for the recession, and Obama 100% responsible for guiding us out of the recession.

Are you referring to the multiple recently passed House bills to restore funding that the Senate Leaders refuse to bring to a vote?

You know there is one bill with majority support by the house and senate, and that the president is willing to sign.

Hmm. That's so peculiar that the majority in both the House and Senate won't sign the Bill you are referring to. Must be the Tea party holding everybody hostage.....

The senate has voted against provisions in the billy ou mention multiple times and the president said he would veto it.

Wonder why that is?

Only an idiot would pursue the bill with zero chance when their is a bill with MAJORITY support in both the house and senate.

Why won't the speaker let the bill with MAJORITY support be voted on?

It WILL pass and end this in a matter of minutes...

...and fix all of the country's problems with overspending and creating even larger deficits for our children to inherit. Shame on Bush for creating this mess all by himself and thank you Obama for not only having noting to do with anything related to our  National Debt but bringing us out of the recession


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