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Re: How would I deal with the tea party?

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First off, I do not approve of what the tea party has done. I do understand how they came to be, though. You cannot solve a problem until you first understand the root cause.

The tea party represents a substantial minority of voters. Not half the nation, maybe 1/3 the nation, but that's still a huge bloc of voters. And those suckers vote. They may not do a lot of things right, but they definitely vote.

The tp representatives ran on a 'stop Obama' platform, and got elected, which means a lot of people responded positively to 'stop Obama'. They were elected because a large number of voters felt disenfranchised, that the current government, as in the prez and congress, were acting contrary to their best interests, or ignoring their concerns. That was a direct result of obamacare - it ignored almost half the nation, and it adds to an already enormous deficit.

What I would do is address the concerns of the people who voted for tp candidates, and continue to vote for tp candidates. Were it not for Obama ignoring and continuing to ignore the people voting tp, they'd be gone in two years.

Bill Clinton, when faced with an even worse defeat, losing both house and senate, welcomed the opportunity to work with the repubs to better address the nation's needs.

And Clinton didn't get a tea party intent on stopping him at all costs. His second term with repubs running the house and senate got welfare reform and a sustainable tax cut. (also set in motion the real estate meltdown of 2007, but that's another matter) So who's the smarter person - Obama or Clinton? Not a dem thing - Reagan faced the same situation with his long wars with Tip O'Neill, and he handled the situation with far more grace than Obama could.

Blaming the tp'ers for opposing Obama is like blaming the sun for coming up in the morning. They are doing what they were elected to do, and got re-elected to do. Calling them idiots doesn't help. Some of them may be idiots, but they vote.

To solve that problem, get people to stop voting tp, by addressing the reasons why they are voting that way. You don't have to kowtow to them, but you do have to understand their concerns, and make some compromises to keep them from going all radical in the voting booth.

The root cause of the current mess is an inexperienced president who has not addressed the concerns of the people voting tp. In fact, he has either ignored or insulted those people, which doesn't moderate their attitude in the voting booth. Obama makes mistakes that are redlined in political science 101 textbooks.

And that's fine, if you're a community organizer. When you're president and you screw up out of inexperience, bad things happen to a lot of people. Sad to say, the tp mess won't be cleaned up until we get a president who isn't quite so polarizing.


This is a good post and I happen to agree with most of what you said. However, you are missing a bit of history in your otherwise very good analysis on the TP movement. Go back in 2008 when BO was elected. I am NOT playing a racist card here but in reality the Tea Party started when the white voters in the rural areas were faced with reality of being governed by a black man. Combine that with a tough economy and you get a volatile mix of anger, fear and insecurity by what used to be a majority of population that found itself in sudden minority.

No matter what he would or could have said or done, they would want him to fail just to prove the fact that blacks are inferior to whites. I might be wrong here but I firmly believe that this is a root cause of the Tea Party movement. Obamacare or ANY health care initiative would have failed or stalled in Congress just like Clinton’s idea. Obama was determined to push it thru the Congress because it was his promise to the country that voted for him. Was he naïve and inexperienced? Of course he was. But I can totally understand his shock and disbelieve when he was met with a total stonewalling by republicans dead set on having him fail. What would you do? So he pushed it with any means that were available to him at that time. Democrats had a slimmest majority and shake one too and Scott Brown was elected and mid-term elections brought in a wave of ideology-charged wackos… What was he supposed to do? Remember summer of 2010 and all these Town Hall meetings that were disrupted by Tea Party activists? Were they there to communicate with their elected officials or to simply create chaos? Go thru you-tube videos, it ain’t pretty.

Tea Party has become an outlet for the white anger, which found a convenient “scape goat” in Obamacare. If it wasn’t Obamacare, it would have been something else. On top of it, if Obama DIDN’T pass the ACA, he would have been blamed for it as well, just as he was blamed for many promises he didn’t deliver (plenty of those). Clinton was intensely hated by many rights but nothing even remotely close to Obama. What shocked me back in 2008 was how this hatred of Obama started immediately after his election. The man wasn’t even sworn in yet but people were already finding his faults and theorizing on his policies. It is much deeper than his manners and partisan tactics.

You can’t compare Clinton and Obama; they faced different nations under different circumstances. And one more thing: Obama is much more than a “community organizer”. He is also an attorney, a Law Professor, a State Senator and a Congressman. I don’t remember anyone calling Reagan an “actor” or Bush, Jr. a “football team owner”.

I agree. Whatever one can dislike about his politics cannot explain the intensity of the hatred against him.

The Tea Party at first was trying anything to deny the reality the a Black man was elected president. They said he was not born in the US (like Ted Cruz who they claim can be President), they said he never attended college and that his degrees were fake. They say he is a Muslim, and on and on and on. During the 8 years Bush was President and taking the budget surplus to a massive deficit, we didn't hear a peep from them.

They deserve a black Muslim openly Lesbian woman who has been brought up in Russia as next President!

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