XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

Started Oct 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ed B
Ed B Veteran Member • Posts: 8,402
Re: XF 18-55 Soft Corners?

Have to say that I'm a little surprised by some of the negative comments about the 18-55 lens.

I agree it's not quite as good as a prime lens but no zoom lens is, optically, as good as a prime at each focal length.

I may not be looking close enough but my 18-55 is very good and, considering it is a zoom, I have no complaints. I'll admit that I hardly ever enlarge a picture to 100% because I see no valid reason to look at something no one will ever see in a printed picture or when viewing a picture at normal sizes.

I just don't see the problems most people are talking about and think the Fuji 18-55 lens is one of the best available in that zoom range.

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