I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

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Re: I'd like a hypothetical NX30 to be...

I'm definitely not a prosumer. So I guess I'd change what I wanted to more of a consumer/enthusiast level camera.  No EVF is not a dealbreaker to me as it increases the size and cost of the camera... BUT if there was EVF I'd like it to stay relatively compact, like NEX6.  That camera still feels good in hand to me.  I'd like any NX30 to stay the same style as NX300... basically make it like how the NEX6 is to the NEX5T.

More importantly, I think it would be great to be able to have apps like instagram or other addons. The ability to instantly upload to the social networking world is great. I love the facebook upload feature. Not every picture has to be tweaked on a monitor in LR. I usually just snap it and want to share it asap. Quick on camera editing, on camera posting. Speed from snapshot to internet upload is crucial these days. Very important in todays social networking world. This is where most pictures are shared these days. Doesn't have to be professional, just a great picture. And certainly a great deal better than all the terrible pictures you see on facebook and instagram taken with cell phones. The younger generation of consumers and enthusiasts expects and demands these features. The old timers grew up on the old manual equipment, the young generation grew up on the iphone. Samsung is correct to move away from old fashioned to modern interface and connectivity.

NX300 is good in that it combines old and new. Galaxy NX seeks to do the same, but goes too far and is too expensive. NX300 is a great middle ground. Definitely a great camera to keep building off of. I think the NX300M was a great feature to be able to take self shots or self video/family portrait type experiences. Something consumers are drawn to. Should have been like this at initial launch and needs to come to the US.  I do indoor shots a lot and would like the ability to use bounce flash without having to buy that huge expensive Samsung flash.  I like how the Fujifilm X-A1/X-M1 has a pop up tiltable flash.  That's a feature most consumers would like to see out of a Samsung camera.  These are simple yet smart moves for Samsung.

Pop up (preferable) or attachable tiltable flash/Add on apps/More quick on camera editing/180 degree screen/Better screen for outdoor use.  (These are my upgrade ideas on the NX300 US model).  iFunction 30mm lens in silver please.  For the NX30 which I probably wouldn't buy due to cost... add EVF.  I'd buy it a couple years later when the price cuts in half at a bargain deal!  Also Samsung stop trying to get rid of dials.

I don't think what I'm asking is expensive at all.  The X-A1 has many of the features I want minus touchscreen, self shot, and Samsung user interface/connectivity for $599.  And I don't want to buy lenses more expensive than the camera body.

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