Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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LeoGotCamera wrote:

Had really bad experience with trying to film a friend using my Canon 60D camera (with the lense without a red circle) at the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto. When I was trying to setup a tripod - got approached by the security guard.

Setting up of the tripod was the trigger.  Something like that is a safety hazard for you and others, try and think of liability for the mall's sake.  Malls are private property and you are granted a license to enter as you enter.  That license does not allow you to do anything you wish.  You can and will be removed if needed.

He told me that the use of professional camera equipment is not allowed inside the mall and in order to use it I need to get a permit from the mall office. Went to the office and was told that the permit cannot be issued on the spot - I need to fill some kind of form and it can take up to 2 weeks to get approval. WTF?

What is interesting - filming with smartphone is allowed as long as it is not attached to professional looking tripod.

Again.. the tripod.  Duh.

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