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Re: What does the Sony SLR community think of the Pentax K3?

moimoi wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

I'm not really sure what separates it from the A77 apart from the lack of AA filter. The anecdotal evidence I've heard is that the AF is good but not fast compared to a high end Nikon or Canon.

The K3 has most likely a tweaked or updated 24 MP sensor, so one should expect at least some improvement over the A77 in the IQ department, and high ISO performance.

I think it is hard to say as no full review have been published about the K3. From what I have been reading, Pentax was very much aware that their AF system was not on par with CaNikon, so we should think their new AF module has been largely improved. It has 25 crossed-type points, which is more than its Canikon counterparts.

I decided this week that I am committed to moving to Sony (my main system is based on m43 at the moment) so I'm waiting to see what the new wave of Sony's bring before I sell off my E-M5 and top quality m43 primes. I would guess that this and the D7100 (and their own RX1r) are showing Sony that lack of AA or user controllable AA are becoming an important point now which can only be good!

Interesting, what does it make you leave the m4/3 camp?

A couple of reasons:
1) I made the decision last Christmas that I wanted to enjoy photography, I had a Canon 5D2 and the Olympus EM-5 beat it in every way - so I jumped.  Later in the year a couple of my (non photography) clients had gone due to the recession and I filled the gap with photography, I needed quicker AF tracking and so I ended up back at the SLR form factor.

2) Since getting the A99 (and more photography work) I've hardly touched the m43 kit - the times that I have it's been as a second body to the A99 - a second A99 (or A7r, A77, etc) would make more sense in that case!

3) I value the quality of lenses - maintaining 2 systems becomes very expensive - at the moment I can use my alpha lenses on the m43 with an adapter (that I already have) but not the other way around.
So I have my second m43 body on ebay, I've sold my FL duplicated lenses and once I see where Sony is going I will probably sell the rest of the m43 kit and replace it with Sony stuff instead so that I am running one system with 2 (potentially different form factor) bodies.
I'm not bothered by using multiple camera bodies and jumping between them - I'm pretty tech savvy and go out and make pressure situations to make sure I know them before I use them professionally - but I would like to only spend one lot of money on the lenses and accessories and get full functionality on both/all bodies.

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