Does anyone have anything positive to say about IOS7? I HATE IT!

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Does anyone have anything positive to say about IOS7? I HATE IT!

Apple REALLY screwed things up with this "update".  I have nothing positive to say about IOS7, and want to go back.

- Lost the .COM key for saving time typing urls.

- Lost the Find function on the keyboard (now you have to type the search word in the address bar, and then scroll down to the bottom of the list).

- Buttons in the browser are now too faint to see, light blue on a light gray background????

- Keyboard colours are also worse now...can Apple Engineers see in other wavelengths?

- Had to go online to find out to do certain tasks because Apple changed the way they worked without a notice, although there was nothing wrong with the old method.

- iPad runs slower, even after reducing animations.

- Have to recharge now almost EVERY DAY!!!  I used to be able to go for a week without recharging (yes, I turned off all the push functions).

- Google images are now messed up (or did Google change this one).

On top of that they still haven't fixed the temporary browser cache storage issue...if you're writing a message in a tab and you open up another tab to look something up, you lose the what you have in the original tab.  This has also happened to me when I switched to Notes temporarily!

This isn't the end of the list!  I used to (sort of) like the iPad.

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