Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?


First, I agree with all of you that full size tripod should not be allowed in malls as it creates a hazard for pedestrians. I also agree that the special lighting/models/elephants should not be allowed on the same grounds. Thanks for your responses that clarified this point.
Second, my main point is that I don't agree that DSLR (without any attachments) is not allowed while smartphone is allowed. In my opinion the modern smartphones provide quality similar to DSLR's and there should not be much difference in the eyes of security.

Third, if I use DSLR - it does not automatically mean that I use it for commercial purpose. 
I guess this assumption came from the past when DSLRs were very expensive and only professional photographers could afford it. But it is not true anymore.

Fourth, I don't blindly agree with rules that do not make sense. 100 years ago stores had signs that people of certain race are not allowed inside.

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