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Re: You are confused, you mean the Tea Party

DT200 wrote:

As usual you are confuse. For the record, Obama guided us out of the

worst recession in over 100 years


that was created by GW Bush and fellow Republicans.

So the recession  was completely due to the Republicans and GW Bush?

A strong argument can be made that the causes were much wider, deeper, and longer in the making than GW Bush.

While accomplishing this he has had to deal with the Tea Party who has now shut the government down twice,

83% of the government  is being funded.

But fortunately, the White house has some discretion as to what gets shut down, like the National Parks, National Monuments.However, the widely reported pro immigration rally was recently allowed to proceed on the Mall of the Nation's Capitol.

caused the our country's credit rating to decline,

The reasons for the decreased rating of 2011  has many factors. The recent shutdown had nothing to do with the 2011 degrading of the U.S. credit rating.

But if one had to summarize  one general reason the downgrade, it would be lack of leadership, both in Congress and in the White House.

and block every bipartisan bill they can (such as eliminating rewards for shipping jobs over seas).

Are you referring to the multiple recently passed House bills  to restore funding  that the Senate Leaders refuse to bring to a vote?

Yep, the Tea Party have made quite a name for themselves and are now considered the dumbest people in government.

There's a lot of competition for that title......

They won't even listen to the private sector anymore...


Yes. The smartest people would define stupidity, by how little a politician is influenced by  a part of the the private business sector, and how the media reports on it.


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