I never thought I would miss Jimmy Carter...

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Re: That's two for two

vadimraskin wrote:

rb59020 wrote:

"How would you deal with a Party that seemingly cheering every economic trouble and denying even a chance of the recovery? How would you deal with the Party that is bent on creating one crisis after another and destabilizing economy?"

Sounds like you're describing the Democrat party when Bush was President.

It's the federal governments job to protect the United States from outside invaders.

Green Martians and Mexicans!

It's somewhere in that thing called the Constitution.

The New Deal, and Great Society are socialism to the core.

If I remember correctly, Dems didn't shut the Government, agreed to the Debt limit increases 19 (!) times during his two terms. In fact, all four Republican leaders that the loudest critics of the "out of control" spending are the same four that agreed to raise the Debt Ceiling from $5.95B at the beginning of Bush terms to $9.815 at the end with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Now they have become very concerned with Debt all of a sudden and DEMAND cuts. Where were they when Bush combined Debt Increase with tax cuts? I know where: in Congress and voting "Yeah" every time. Bunch of hippocras... (Obama is not much better by the way)

Dems talked a lot and raised their fists in frustration but in the end didn’t stand on the way of the Government operations.


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