Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

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Re: Professional equipment is not allowed in malls?

It's perfectly fair, and understandable too. And the problem isn't likely your camera, but the tripod. Tripods are a liability issue for malls or any other crowded space. If someone trips over one while you're shooting, injures themselves, and you don't have the proper insurance to cover it, then they can sue the mall instead for letting you in w/o coverage and now the mall has to pay. Requiring a permit for such shooting means that they can make sure to vet out that you have the proper insurance, that they can make the proper preps to help control foot traffic while you're shooting, and determine that you're not some simple jackwit who wants to disrupt their customers just to snap some photos of your girlfriend, a "model", or what have you. When you consider it in this light, then it makes perfect sense.

FWIW, I've sat and shot photos of my kid playing at various malls with a Nikon D3 and f2.8 pro glass and no one said boo to me b/c I was doing it casually and handheld, so the camera isn't the issue. If you seriously want to shoot in the mall get the permit, otherwise you have no place being there in all honesty.

And no, an iPhone 5s doesn't even attempt to approach the quality level of a 60D, let alone true pro DSLR, though they are good in their own ways for certain uses.
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