Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

Activatedfx wrote:

stimpy wrote:

The difference between, lets say an OM-D and X100, is so minute I cannot believe anyone could struggle to take a satisfactory photos with one system but not the other.

I was a happy OM-D owner. Many hundreds of pictures that I was VERY happy with. I picked up an X100 last December on a whim, and took it along on a week-long ski trip. After the 1st day, the OM-D stayed in the room, and I took about 1,000 shots with the X100 that I STILL look back at with a smile on my face. Just something about them that was more pleasing to me. The camera (and lens) can certainly make a difference in the final image, or there wouldn't be so many different ones to choose from.

Totally agreed.

I got similar impressions, only with X-PRO 1 vs X100s. X-Pro 1 felt clunky and as big as a DSLR, while offering far fewer lenses, so I never was tempted to pick it on a trip instead of my A77. X100s on the other hand feels small and quick, being much nicer camera to use and enjoy for random travel photography - even though it offers only one (brilliant) lens.

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