30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

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Re: 30mm vs 50mm vs 100mm macro on A77

jidery wrote:

brian14478 wrote:

If you have a good lens or two to work with you could always get an af extention tube. This was with a 75-200 and I think around a 12-15mm extention tube. With a zoom you can very your distance to your subject a bit. 12mm is short but if you pair that with even the 18-50 kit and you can get some very close macros.

This is 100%crop

These were all taken with an auto-focus extention tube and various lenses .a Minolta 35-70 a Minolta 35-105 macro and a sigma 75-200. The kenko af extention I have I bought for about $45 off ebay. It is a way to check out some macro shooting then decide without a big investment.

Between the two I have, for me there isn't a need for a macro lens..If I did a lot of macro shooting there might be? Just an idea. Best of luck,brian

Interesting! How would this work with my SAL16-50?

It should work great.  If it is the 16-50 2.8 I looked it up at dyxxum and the lens length is almost exactly the same as the Minolta 35-105 here


It does depend on minimum focus and lens/element length but it will give you an idea what a 12mm kenko af extention tube should behave like on a 16-50.

These I just took and resized only. At 35mm the distance to subject is between 4/5 inches. At 50mm it is around 10/11 inches. At 105 it is 16 or so but in macro mode it drops to around 8 inches. If you were to use a longer lens a 12 mm unless its a decent macro wouldn't probably give enough of a macro result.

At 18mm you can imagine how close you can be but do not have to be...just pull out to 50mm if it is too close. I have used two stacked together for around 30mm on a 100-300 or a 75-200 and it give reach range and versatility. with a combo like that you can 'keep a decent distance' or get in close depending.  A push pull zoom is great with them because it give more range in distance.  The two flys on the blue flower above were taken with this combo.

If you have the lens/lenses to work with they are a great addition or alternative. you can put one in your pocket and put it on at will..which is nice also. Just remember to get an af one if you try it, another member here had gotten a set and though they worked for macro there were no electronics to stop down the aperature besides manual focusing only.

Hope this explains enough..its not as complicated as I make it out to be. Best of luck,brian

not bad for a multiple use macro attachment for$45 These are sooc jpegs resized

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