X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

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Re: X-E2: Is it enough of an upgrade for you?

57LowRider wrote:

Looks like a couple of guys have done a 6-minute review of it with the camera blurred out. Looks like Fuji legal jumped in, 'cos the video has evaporated. Interesting. Might be a marketing ploy.

I saw the video and one thing they really stressed was the low light capability of the camera, now considering the fact that we know how the X100s/X-E1/X- Pro perform, then for them to be so vocal about how good this new camera is leads me to think there may be something new in terms of sensor technology or image processing that exceeds what's currently available.

If this is the case and the X-E2 focusses more quickly with the new AF system from the X100s then i may possibly be tempted depending on what i can sell me X-E1 for...

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