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Don't switch, but to wait patiently...

shark81 wrote:

I think what Kenny means is that you are spending WAY too much time bashing a good camera, and it's not getting you anywhere. Maybe you should focus on what is AVAILABLE as opposed to what could potentially be available. Otherwise you will never be satisfied in the camera world, or in any world for that matter.


Thank you very much for your helping out, friends.  You must be a mind reader. 

tecnoworld wrote:

I think you don't actually understand my point of view, otherwise you wouldn't be continuously giving me the advice to switch.

I'd switch if there were a camera with everything I want. I'd do that even if I have an investment in a system that can't sell on second hand market, like NX.

The fact is, I repeat this, that NO CAMERA has all the options I'd like.

NX300 is very good, so I'm not talking bad of your beloved camera, simply it's not perfect. Is it bad trying to have Samsung to improve it? You seem scared that Samsung could do something to improve this camera...why?

As to Galaxy NX, it's a huge wrong step and you'll see this in few months, when the price will drop by 50% or more, after almost nobody bought it.

Why? Simply because there does not exist a market for such a frankenstein product and probably will never exist (I mean for that specific product, with its huge limits and not for a camera with a computer inside). I remember an article here on DPR talking about odd cameras of the past (that were innovative, in some ways, but didn't sell well and remained a dead end). Well, I bet whatever you want that a camera of this kind w/o physical controls, will be in that list.


First, let me apologize for forgotten to delete the "You should switch" subject wording on my last reply to you.

Second, I felt so bad & sad the way you've choose to respond. I've thought you started the thread lookiing for opinions and discussions. So I took my extra efforts to discuss with you about the pros & cons, what was the environment in the camera industry and the way me/we are commonly seeing from Samsung to the rest camera makers.

For NX300, I know the good points and what other claimed to be the weak points in it. But I've fully evaluate that prior to my purchase, NX300 was the camera I've ever need. A no mirror, pentaprism OVF slim body & lightweight camera. And given the price when I'd the purchased, it was also way too cheap to own 1 (I've actually bought 2 sets of NX300), when comparing the Sony NEX5/6 or Canon 60D, Nikon D7100.

I felt bad & sorry for those Galaxy NX camera owner out there with the words you've used against them.

And more: I'm afraid. Why? Since Samsung was on the right track with NX100 (very nice camera, with optional EVF) and NX300 (even if they did the very wrong move of getting rid of optional EVF). If they get a totally different route, the NX line will soon disappear.

Have you thought of why Samsung stop the EVF option since NX200/210/300?

If you are the manufacturer, what will you do when assuming 100,000 of yours, only around 50 people buy the extra EVF accessories. That's about 0.05%. Not sure about you, but for me I'll shutdown the EVF production line and remove it from the accessories option.

Last. You say that the poll got few answers. Right! But it's the NX system that gets few interest by many and is hated by many. Why? For samsung behaviour. It does not listen to users, it goes straight in doing what they think is right even when the market proves against it.

Let me ask you, where do you get your "Samsung did not listen to users, they do what they think is right" info from? Or was it just an assumption? If it was just an assumption, it's not valid.

Let switch to another info/data. With the high rise of multiple millions of Samsung Smarter Smartphone camera users, most of them prefer touch screen, less buttons camera. It is by far considered super huge camera user numbers than what have been assumption up against Samsung approach. With this fact alone, Samsung in facts does listening to their, multipe millions of camera users.

Also, like what I've said before, Samsung was not a traditional camera maker, so I did not hope for Samsung adopting the "traditional camera makers" way of camera design. I'm experienced enough and already tired of traditional camera. If it the same traditional camera, maybe I will not buy into any Samsung camera in the future if it look just like another Canon, Nikon, Oly, Pana or Sony DSLR/DSLM camera.

The NX could have been #1 mirrorless system if there were a good traditional camera with a very good EVF. The nx20 was as slow as a turtle and NX300 that's noticeably faster and better featured does not have an optional EVF. I bought the NX300 since I already had a lot of lenses, and I didn't like the nx200 (while I liked the nx100 very much).

Whether or not Samsung NX camera system can become No.1 in DSLM/CSC it doesn't matter to many. What really matter was making the DSLM/CSC a more interesting camera with newer idea. Only then, it can attract/persuade more people into buying into a new camera. And I believed old fashion traditional design camera no longer able to attract much new customer or existing customer to upgrade.

As said I won't buy a nx400 or nx30, if it does not solve the tiny buffer issue and does not implement a gorgeous EVF in it.

p.s.: you advise to switch. Please advise also towards which system, giving the same features of NX300 + EVF + huge buffer + same primes and pancakes. Thanks.

I believe next gen NX camera will have bigger buffer, only not sure is by how much, or how much is enough to satisfy some.

I was never fond or a fans for any EVF equipped camera, not even the one in Sony A99. By saying that does not mean I'm saying it is bad quality, quite contrary it was the best available camera with EVF.

Up until now, I'll choose an OVF camera over any EVF camera. It doesn't matter an OVF couldn't see dark surrounding like my eyes do. It doesn't matter an OVF was not able to look into strong light just like my eyes do. That's just my personal reference, I like to see things like my own eyes do. With the extreme lighting condition and a camera with OVF, I'll switch to big liveview LCD screen for temporary help out the situation.

No, quite the opposite. I am pretty much wanted (begging?) you to,

  1. Continue to stay with Samsung NX camera system, if you still can be contented with the given features on your NX300.
  2. Wait patiently for the next new better spec NX camera to be release by end of the year or next year.
  3. During the waiting, shoot more with NX300 to gain more shooting skills and to prepare yourself better for the next newer and better NX camera.
  4. If the new camera in fact satisfy most of your need (surely not all), then you save serious money by no switching to other camera system now.

If new camera did not meet most of your need.

  1. Sell your Samsung camera and all the lenses. Of course you'll loose serious money, but the same does apply to Sony, Oly, Pana, Pentax or even some low end Canon and Nikon model camera too.
  2. After that, switch to Nikon D7100/D7200 and my current prefer choice D610. Or my less prefer Canon 70D/80D/6D (as I dislike the less than 100% OVF camera more).
  3. Once you've done the switch, never look back at any other than these 2 brand camera again. Unless, 1 of them their brand recognition can finally join "The 2-Kings" and change the games to become "The 3-Kings". I doubt that ever happen in the next 3 years. (When will the next "LOTR - The 3-Towers" movie showing?)

Lastly tecnoworld, if you are still not happy to whatever I have written, don't hate me, just ignore them. I'm just trying to offer you some of my pov, which might be useful advices to you or as some reference to make your next camera choice better. Nothing more, nothing less.

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